Mason, Sarah J.

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MASON, Sarah J.

MASON, Sarah J. Also writes as Hamilton Crane. British, b. 1949. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Mystery writer, 1983-. Also worked as a library assistant, librarian and information officer, temporary secretary, and office manager. Publications: MYSTERY NOVELS: Let's Talk of Wills, 1985; Death on Her Doorstep, 2003. TREWLEY AND STONE MYSTERY NOVELS: Murder in the Maze, 1993; Frozen Stiff, 1993; Corpse in the Kitchen, 1993; Dying Breath, 1994; Sew Easy to Kill, 1996; Seeing Is Deceiving, 1997. AS HAMILTON CRANE: MISS SEETON MYSTERY NOVELS: Miss Seeton Cracks the Case, 1991; Miss Seeton Paints the Town, 1991; Hands Up, Miss Seeton, 1992; Miss Seeton by Moonlight, 1992; Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle, 1992; Miss Seeton Goes to Bat, 1993; Miss Seeton Plants Suspicion, 1993; Starring Miss Seeton, 1994; Miss Seeton Undercover, 1994; Miss Seeton Rules, 1994; Sold to Miss Seeton, 1995; Sweet Miss Seeton, 1996; Bonjour Miss Seeton, 1997; Miss Seeton's Finest Hour, 1999.