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MARTINI, Teri. Also writes as Alison King, Wendy Martin, Thérèse Martini. American, b. 1930. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction. Career: Instructor/Writer. Instructor, Institute of Children's Literature, Redding Ridge, CT. Publications: CHILDREN'S BOOKS: The Fisherman's Ring, 1954; True Book of Indians, 1954; Treasure of the Mohawk, 1956; True Book of Cowboys, 1956; Sandals on the Golden Highway, 1959; What a Frog Can Do, 1962; Mystery of the Hard Luck House, 1965; The Lucky Ghost Shirt, 1971; Patrick Henry, Patriot, 1972; Mystery of the Woman in the Mirror, 1973; John Marshall, 1974; Mystery Writers of Tunbridge Wells, 1975; All Because of Jill, 1976; The New True Book of Cowboys, 1981; The New True Book of Indians, 1982; Junipero Serra, 1989; The Secret Is Out, 1990; Feliz Navidad, Peblo, 1990; Christmas for Andy, 1991; Christopher Columbus: The Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the World, 1992. ADULT BOOKS: as WENDY MARTIN: Love's Journey, 1976; Two Hearts Adrift, 1976; Island Magic, 1988; Love on Trial, 1990; Tune in for Murder, 1993. As THERESE MARTINI: To Love and Beyond, 1977; Dreams to Give, 1979; The Arrundel Touch, 1980; Love's Lost Melody, 1984. As ALISON KING: The Dreamer Lost in Terror, 1976. Address: c/o Julie Fallowfield, McIntosh and Otis, Inc., 353 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10016, U.S.A.

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Martini, Teri

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