Maddison, Angus

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MADDISON, Angus. British, b. 1926. Genres: Economics. Career: St. Andrews University, Scotland, lecturer in economics, 1951-52; OECD, Paris, head, Economics Division, 1958-62, director, Development Dept., 1963, and head, Central Analysis Division, 1974-78; Twentieth Century Fund, Research Project on Developing Countries, director, 1966-69; Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 1969-71; University of Groningen, Netherlands, professor of economics, 1978-. Publications: (co-author) Problems of Long-Term Economic Projections, 1963; Economic Growth in the West, 1964; Foreign Skills and Technical Assistance in Economic Development, 1965; (with A. D. Stavrianopoulos and B. Higgins) Foreign Skills and Technical Assistance in Greek Development, 1966; (co-author) Technical Assistance and the Needs of Developing Countries, 1968; Economic Growth in Japan and the U.S.S.R., 1969; Economic Progress and Policy in Developing Countries, 1970; Class Structure and Economic Growth: India and Pakistan since the Moghuls, 1971; Economic Performance and Policy in Europe 1913-70, 1974; Phases of Capitalist Development, 1982; Two Crises: Latin America and Asia 1929-38 and 1973-83, 1985; The World Economy in the Twentieth Century, 1989; Dynamic Forces in Capitalist Development, 1991; The Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth: Brazil and Mexico, 1992; Explaining the Economic Performance of Nations: Essays in Time and Space, 1995; Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run, 1998; The World Economy, 2001. Address: Chevincourt.