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LYNDS, Dennis

LYNDS, Dennis. Also writes as William Arden, Nick Carter, Michael Collins, John Crowe, Carl Dekker, Maxwell Grant, Mark Sadler. American. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Science fiction/Fantasy, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Full-time writer, 1967-. Assistant Ed., Chemical Week, NY, 1951-52; Editorial Director, American Institute of Management, NYC, 1952-53; Associate Ed., then Managing Ed., Chemical Engineering Progress, NYC, 1954-60; Ed., Chemical Equipment and Laboratory Equipment, NYC, 1962-66; Instructor, Santa Barbara City College, Adult Education Division, CA, 1966-67. Publications: Combat Soldier (novel), 1962; Uptown Downtown (novel), 1963; Why Girls Ride Sidesaddle (short stories), 1980; Talking to the World (stories & novella), 1995. MYSTERY NOVELS: Charlie Chan Returns (novelization of TV play), 1974; S.W.A.T.-Crossfire (novelization of TV play), 1975. MYSTERY NOVELS AS WILLIAM ARDEN: A Dark Power, 1968; Deal in Violence, 1969; The Goliath Scheme, 1971; Die to a Distant Drum, 1972, in UK as Murder Underground, 1974; Deadly Legacy, 1973. JUVENILE MYSTERY NOVELS AS WILLIAM ARDEN: The Mystery of the Moaning Cave (Laughing Shadow, Shrinking House, Blue Condor, Dead Man's Riddle, Dancing Devil, Headless Horse, Deadly Double, Purple Pirate, Smashing Glass, Wrecker's Rock), 11 vols., 1968-86; The Secret of the Crooked Cat, 1970; The Secret of Phantom Lake, 1973; The Secret of Shark Reef, 1979; Crimebusters #1: Hot Wheels, 1989. MYSTERY NOVELS AS NICK CARTER: The N3 Conspiracy, 1974; The Green Wolf Connection, 1976; Triple Cross, 1976. MYSTERY NOVELS AS MICHAEL COLLINS: Act of Fear, 1967; The Brass Rainbow, 1969; Night of the Toads, 1970; Walk a Black Wind, 1971; Shadow of a Tiger, 1972; The Silent Scream, 1973; Blue Death, 1975; The Blood-Red Dream, 1976; The Nightrunners, 1978; The Slasher, 1980; Freak, 1983; Minnesota Strip, 1987; Red Rosa, 1988; Castrato, 1989; Chasing Eights, 1990; The Irishman's Horse, 1991; Cassandra in Red, 1992; Crime Punishment and Resurrection (short stories and novella) 1992; The Cadillac Cowboy, 1995; Fortunes' World (stories), 2000; Spies and Thieves, Cops and Killers, Etc. (stories), 2002. SCIENCE FICTION NOVELS AS MICHAEL COLLINS: Lukan War, 1969; The Planets of Death, 1970. MYSTERY NOVELS AS JOHN CROWE: Another Way to Die, 1972; A Touch of Darkness, 1972; Bloodwater, 1974; Crooked Shadows, 1975; When They Kill Your Wife, 1977; Close to Death, 1979. MYSTERY NOVEL AS CARL DEKKER: Woman in Marble, 1973. MYSTERY NOVELS AS MAXWELL GRANT: The Shadow Strikes, 1964; Shadow Beware, 1965; Cry Shadow, 1965; The Shadow's Revenge, 1965; Mark of the Shadow, 1966; Shadow-Go Mad!, 1966; The Night of the Shadow, 1966; The Shadow-Destination: Moon, 1967. MYSTERY NOVELS AS MARK SADLER: The Falling Man, 1970; Here to Die, 1971; Mirror Image, 1972; Circle of Fire, 1973; Touch of Death, 1983; Deadly Innocents, 1986. Address: 12 St Anne Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected];

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Lynds, Dennis

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