Luciuk, Lubomyr Y(aroslav)

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LUCIUK, Lubomyr Y(aroslav)

LUCIUK, Lubomyr Y(aroslav). Canadian, b. 1953. Genres: Area studies, Geography, History. Career: Royal Ontario Museum, summer field assistant, 1967-71; Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, researcher, 1972-77; University of Alberta, Edmonton, research assistant in geography, 1979-80, research assistant in oral history at Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, 1982-84; University of Toronto, ON, postdoctoral fellow in geography, 1984-88; Queen's University, Kingston, ON, assistant professor of geography, 1988-90, became adjunct professor; Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Dept of Politics and Economics, professor. Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association, director of research. Publications: Ukrainians in the Making, 1980; (with B.S. Kordan) A Delicate and Difficult Question, 1986; (with B.S. Kordan) Anglo-American Perspectives on the Ukrainian Question, 1938-1951, 1987; (with M. Carynnyk and B.S. Kordan) The Foreign Office and the Famine, 1988; A Time for Atonement, 1988; (with B.S. Kordan and G. J. Matthews) Creating a Landscape: A Geography of Ukrainians in Canada, 1989; (with A. Chyczij) Memorial, 1989; (with M. Carrynnyk) Between Two Worlds: The Memoirs of Stanley Frolick, 1990; Welcome to Absurdistan, 1994; (with R. Sorobey) Konowal, 1995; Searching for Place, 2000; In Fear of the Barbed Wire Fence, 2002. EDITOR: (and author of intro.) Heroes of Their Day: The Reminiscences of Bohdan Panchuk, 1983; (with N. Hillmer and B.S. Kordan) On Guard For, 1988; (with S.M. Hryniuk) Canada's Ukrainians, 1991; Righting and Injustice, 1994. Address: Dept of Politics and Economics, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, ON, Canada K7K 7B4.