Loverboy 2005

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Loverboy ★★ 2005 (R)

Obsessive mom love. Bacon directs wife Sedgwick in this adaptation of Victoria Redel's novel. Young Emily (played by daughter Sosie Bacon) always felt like an outsider because her parents (Tomei, Bacon) were so wrapped up in each other. So when she's an adult, Emily ruthlessly decides to become a single mom and give son Paul all the love she missed out on. But Emily freaks out at the slightest hint of independence from the growing Paul (Kay), who she still insists on calling “Loverboy.” Really creepy pic is spent waiting for Emily to go completely off the rails. 86m/C DVD . US Kyra Sedgwick, Kevin Bacon, Blair Brown, Matt Dillon, Oliver Platt, Campbell Scott, Marisa Tomei, John Lafayette, Dominic Scott, Sosie Bacon, Jessica Stone, Melissa Errico, Nancy Giles, Sandra Bullock; D: Kevin Bacon; W: Hannah Shakespeare; C: Nancy Schreiber; M: Michael Bacon.