Lily in Winter

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Lily in Winter ★★½ 1994 (PG)

Christmas story about families and the ties that bind, set in 1957. Black nanny Lily (Cole in her film debut) works for busy showbiz New Yorkers, the Towlers (Hoffmann and Brown), looking after their neglected 10-year-old son Michael (Bonsall). But Lily thinks she's in trouble, thanks to her noaccount brother Booker (Russell), and takes off to her rural Alabama roots without realizing Michael has followed her. His parents, however, think Lily has kidnapped him. 120m/C VHS . Natalie Cole, Brian Bonsall, Dwier Brown, Cecil Hoffmann, Marla Gibbs, Monte Russell, Rae'ven (Alyia Larrymore) Kelly, Salli Richardson, James Pickens Jr., Matthew Faison; D: Delbert Mann; W: Robert Eisele; C: Charles Mills; M: David Shire. CABLE