Lester, David

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LESTER, David. British/American, b. 1942. Genres: Psychiatry, Psychology. Career: Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service, Buffalo, NY, research director, 1969-71; Richard Stockton College, Pomona, NJ, professor of psychology, 1971-. Publications: Explorations in Exploration, 1969; (with G. Lester) Suicide: The Gamble with Death, 1971; Why People Kill Themselves, 1972, 4th ed., 2000; Comparative Psychology, 1973; A Physiological Basis for Personality Traits, 1974; Unusual Sexual Behavior, 1975; (with G. Lester) Crime of Passion, 1975; The Use of Alternative Modes for Communication in Psychotherapy, 1977; The Psychological Basis for Handwriting Analysis, 1980; (with B. Sell and K. Sell) Suicide: A Guide to Information Sources, 1980; Psychotherapy for Offenders, 1981; (with M. Murell) Introduction to Juvenile Delinquency, 1981; The Structure of the Mind, 1982; (with A. Levitt) Insanity and Incompetence, 1984; Gun Control, 1984; The Murderer and His Murder, 1986; The Death Penalty, 1987, 2nd ed., 1998; Suicide as a Learned Behavior, 1987; The Biochemical Basis of Suicide, 1988; Suicide from a Psychological Perspective, 1988; Why Women Kill Themselves, 1988; Can We Prevent Suicide?, 1989; Questions and Answers about Suicide, 1989; Suicide from a Sociological Perspective, 1989; (with R.V. Clarke) Suicide: Closing the Exits, 1989; Understanding and Preventing Suicide, 1990; Questions and Answers about Murder, 1991; (with M. Braswell and P. Van Voorhis) Correctional Counseling and Rehabilitation, 2nd ed., 1992, 4th ed., 2000; (with B.L. Danto) Suicide behind Bars, 1993; The Cruelest Death, 1993; Suicide in Creative Women, 1993; Understanding Suicide, 1993; Patterns of Suicide and Homicide in America, 1994; Theories of Personality, 1995; Serial Killers, 1995; Patterns of Suicide and Homicide in the World, 1996; An Encyclopedia of Famous Suicides, 1996; Making Sense of Suicide, 1997; (with B. Yang) The Economy and Suicide, 1997; Suicide in American Indians, 1997; Suicide in African Americans, 1998; (with B. Yang) Suicide and Homicide in the 20th Century, 1998; Crime and the Native American, 1999; By Their Own Hand, 2000. EDITOR: Crisis Intervention and Counseling by Telephone, 1973, 2nd ed., 2003; Gambling Today, 1979; The Elderly Victim of Crime, 1981; Suicide '88, 1988; Suicide '89, 1989; Current Concepts of Suicide, 1990; Suicide '90, 1990; Suicide '91, 1991; Suicide '92, 1992; Suicide, '93, 1993; Suicide, '94, 1994; (with M. Tallmer) Now I Lay Me Down, 1994; Emile Durkheim: Le Suicide 100 Years Later, 1994; (with S. Canetto) Women and Suicidal Behavior, 1995; Suicide, '95, 1995; (with A. Leenaars) Suicide and the Unconscious, 1996; Suicide Prevention, 2001. Address: Psychology Program, Richard Stockton College, Pomona, NJ 08240-0195, U.S.A.