Leaving Metropolis

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Leaving Metropolis ★★ 2002

Successful Winnipeg artist David (Ruptash) is creatively blocked so he decides to get some inspiration by rejoining the real world as a waiter for married diner owners Violet (Taylor) and Matt (Corrazza). David's keeping his past quiet but finds himself attracted to Matt, who's confused by his own feelings. The two eventually have an affair, with Violet increasingly suspicious of her hubby and David's volatile best gal pal Kryla (Boyd) increasingly acting like a jealous spouse herself. The aftermath when the secrets are revealed is messy indeed. Well-played drama that Fraser adapted from his play “Poor Super Man.” 89m/C VHS, DVD . CA Troy Ruptash, Vincent Corazza, Lynda Boyd, Cherilee Taylor, Thom Allison; D: Brad Fraser; W: Brad Fraser; C: Daniel Vincelette; M: Dennis Burke.