Le Bonheur Est Dans Ie Pre

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Le Bonheur Est Dans Ie Pre ★★ Happiness Is In the Fields; Happiness 1995

Francis (Serrault) is the harried owner of a toilet brush-making business that is about to undergo a tax audit and is threatened by a workers strike. His wife and daughter are never happy and Francis' one relief is to have lunch with his macho, easy-going friend, Gerard (Mitchell). One day, he watches a TV show about missing persons and sees that a woman is looking for her husband who disappeared 28 years before—a man who looks suspiciously like Francis. The plot's convoluted and the comedy's flat. French with subtitles. 105m/C VHS . FR Michel Serrault, Sabine Azema, Eddy Mitchell, Carmen Maura, Alexandra London; D: Etienne Chatiliez; W: Florence Quentin; C: Philippe Welt; M: Pascal Andreacchio. Cesar ‘95: Support. Actor (Mitchell).

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Le Bonheur Est Dans Ie Pre

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