Layton, Irving (Peter)

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LAYTON, Irving (Peter)

LAYTON, Irving (Peter). Canadian (born Romania), b. 1912. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Poetry, Autobiography/Memoirs, Essays. Career: Professor of English Literature, York University, Toronto, 1969-. Associate Ed., First Statement, later Northern Review, Montreal, 1941-43; former Associate Ed., Contact mag., Toronto, and Black Mountain Review, North Carolina; Lecturer, Jewish Public Library, Montreal, 1943-58; high sch. teacher in Montreal, 1946-60; Part-time Lecturer, 1949-68, and Poet-in-Residence, 1965-66, Sir George Williams University, Montreal; Writer-in-Residence, University of Guelph, ON, 1968-69; Poet-in-Residence, University of Ottawa, ON, 1978-79; Writer-in-Residence, University of Toronto, 1981; Adjunct Professor, 1988, 1989, and Writer-in-Residence, 1989, Concordia University. Publications: Here and Now, 1945; Now Is the Place: Stories and Poems, 1948; The Black Huntsmen, 1951; (with R. Souster and L. Dudek) Cerberus, 1952; Love the Conqueror Worm, 1953; In the Midst of My Fever, 1954; The Cold Green Element, 1955; The Blue Propellor, 1955; The Bull Calf and Other Poems, 1956; Music on a Kazoo, 1956; The Improved Binoculars: Selected Poems, 1956; A Laughter in the Mind, 1958; rev. ed., 1959; A Red Carpet for the Sun: Collected Poems, 1959; The Swinging Flesh, 1961; The Laughing Rooster, 1964; Collected Poems, 1965; Periods of the Moon: Poems, 1967; The Shattered Plinths, 1968; The Whole Bloody Bird (obs, aphs, and pomes), 1969; Selected Poems, 1969; Collected Poems, 1971; Nail Polish, 1971; Engagements: The Prose of Irving Layton, 1972; Lovers and Lesser Men, 1973; The Pole-Vaulter, 1974; Seventy-Five Greek Poems, 1974; Selected Poems, 2 vols., 1975; For My Brother Jesus, 1976; The Uncollected Poems 1936-59, 1976; The Poems of Irving Layton, 1977; The Covenant, 1977, Taking Sides: The Collected Social and Political Writings, 1977; The Tightrope Dancer, 1978; Droppings from Heaven, 1979; The Love Poems of Irving Layton, 1979; There Were No Signs, 1979; An Unlikely Affair: The Correspondence of Irving Layton and Dorothy Rath, 1979; For My Neighbors in Hell, 1980; Europe and Other Bad News, 1981; A Wild Peculiar Joy, 1982; The Gucci Bag, 1983; With Reverence and Delight: The Love Poems, 1984; A Spider Danced Cozy Jig, 1984; Where Burning Sappho Loved, 1985; Selected Poems, 1985; Waiting for the Messiah (memoirs), 1985; Dance with Desire, 1986; Final Reckoning: Poems 1982-86, 1987; Fortunate Exile, 1987; Wild Gooseberries: Selected Letters, 1989; Irving Layton and Robert Creeley: The Compete Correspondence, 1953-78, 1990; Fornalutx: Selected Poems 1928-1990, 1991. EDITOR: (with L. Dudek) Canadian Poems, 1850-1952, 1952; Panic: A Selection of Contemporary Canadian Poems, 1958; Poems for 27 Cents, 1961; Love Where the Nights Are Long: Canadian Love Poems, 1962; Anvil: A Selection of Workshop Poems, 1966; Poems to Colour, 1970; Anvil Blood (poems), 1973. Address: c/o M. Schwartz, 3467 Simpson, Montreal, QC, Canada H3G 2J7.