Law of Desire

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Law of Desire ★★★½ La Ley del Deseo 1986

A wicked, Almodovarian attack-on-decency farce about a promiscuous gay filmmaker, Pablo (Pancela), who becomes the object of desire for obsessive Antonio (Banderas), whom Pablo treats too casually for his own safety. Also in the mix is Pablo's sister, the transsexual Tina (Maura), and his current lover Juan (Molina). Romantic complications and violence abound. Unlike the work of any other director; Spanish with subtitles. 100m/C VHS, DVD . SP Carmen Maura, Eusebio Poncela, Antonio Banderas, Bibi Andersson, Miguel Molina, Manuela Valasco, Nacho Martinez; D: Pedro Almodovar; W: Pedro Almodovar; C: Angel Luis Fernandez.

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Law of Desire

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