Last Dance 1996

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Last Dance ★★ 1996 (R)

Following closely on the heels of “Dead Man Walking,” this death-row drama suffered from bad timing and was dubbed by some as “Bad Hair Walking.” Stone plays a convicted murderess condemned to die in an unnamed Southern state. Morrow's the rookie attorney for the state's clemency office assigned to her case. As a bond grows between the two, he uncovers errors in her trial that his bosses would rather have him ignore. The movie makes its big mistake by centering on Morrow's callow lawyer instead of Stone's embittered con. The clock-ticking countdown to the execution (which will amuse fans of “The Player”) even fails to hold attention. 103m/ C VHS . Sharon Stone, Rob Morrow, Randy Quaid, Peter Gallagher, Jack Thompson, Jayne Brook, Pamela Tyson, Skeet Ulrich, Don Harvey, Diane Sellers; D: Bruce Beresford; W: Ron Koslow; C: Peter James; M: Mark Isham.