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Lansdown ★½ 2001

Flat attempt at a neo-noir/crime comedy. Jake (Sheilds) is a bland criminal defense attorney in the fictitious New jersey title town. His wife Lexi (Carlson) is bored and has been fooling around with roofer Pat (Stewart). When Jake finds out, he decides he wants the lover dead but can't get his former client Gustav (Warren)—who provided the info on the infidelity—to do the hit himself. Instead, Gustav subcontracts to a couple of doofus hit men, who botch it. So Jake is forced to get more personally involved. 80m/C VHS, DVD . Adam Fidusiewicz, Jennifer Carlson, Chris Stewart, D.W. Warren, Patrick Louis, Chris Baran, Marc Krinsky; D: Tom Zuber; W: Tom Zuber; C: Ty Bolia; M: Atli Ovarsson.