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KUKLIN, Susan. American, b. 1941. Genres: Children's non-fiction. Career: Photographer and writer. Work exhibited in group shows in and around New York City. Publications: FOR YOUNG PEOPLE (and photographer): Mine for a Year, 1984; Thinking Big, 1986; Reaching for Dreams, 1987; When I See My Doctor, 1988; When I See My Dentist, 1988; Taking My Cat to the Vet, 1988; Taking My Dog to the Vet, 1988; Fighting Back: What Some People Are Doing About AIDS, 1988; Going to My Ballet Class, 1989; Going to Nursery School, 1990; Going to My Gym Class, 1991; What Do I Do Now? Teenagers Talk about Sex and Pregnancy, 1991; How My Family Lives in America, 1992; Fighting Fires, 1993; Speaking Out: Teenagers Take on Race, Sex, and Identity, 1993; From Head to Toe: How a Doll is Made, 1994; After a Suicide: Young People Speak Up, 1994; Kodomo: Children of Japan, 1995; Fireworks: The Science, the Art, and the Magic, 1996; Irrepressible Spirit: Conversations with Human Rights Activists, 1996; (with B.T. Jones) Dance, 1998; Idqbal Masih and the Crusaders against Child Slavery, 1998; Trail: The Inside Story, 2000; Hoops with Swoopes, 2001; The Harlem Nutcracker, 2001; From Wall to Wall, 2002. Photographer in books by: L. Atkinson, G. DeWesse, B.T. Jones, R. Lacy, A. Michel, H. Terrace, P. Thompson, A. Zane. Address: c/o Hyperion Books for Children, 114 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10011, U.S.A.

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Kuklin, Susan

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