Kenny, Sir Anthony (John Patrick)

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KENNY, Sir Anthony (John Patrick)

KENNY, Sir Anthony (John Patrick). British, b. 1931. Genres: Intellectual history, Philosophy. Career: University of Oxford, Fellow of Balliol College, 1964-78, Wilde Lecturer on Natural Religion, 1969-72, Master, 1978-89, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Development, 1998-2001; Warden of Rhodes House, 1989-99; British Academy, President, 1989-93; British Library, Chairman, 1993-97. Publications: Action, Emotion & Will, 1963; Descartes, 1968; The Five Ways, 1969; (trans.) Descartes: Philosophical Letters, 1969; (with C. Longuet-Higgins) The Nature of the Mind, 1972; Wittgenstein, 1973; Will, Freedom, and Power, 1975; The Aristotelian Ethics, 1978; Aristotle's Theory of the Will, 1979; The God of the Philosophers, 1979; Aquinas, 1980; Thomas More, 1982; Wyclif, 1985; The Legacy of Wittgenstein, 1984; The Ivory Tower, 1985; The Road to Hillsborough, 1986; Reason and Religion, 1987; The Heritage of Wisdom, 1987; God and Two Poets, 1988; The Metaphysics of Mind, 1989; The Oxford Diaries of Arthur Hugh Clough, 1990; Aristotle on the Perfect Life, 1992; Aquinas on Mind, 1993; Frege, 1995; A Life in Oxford, 1997; A Brief History of Western Philosophy, 1998; Essays on the Aristotelian Tradition, 2001; Aquinas on Being, 2002. EDITOR: (and trans.) Blackfriars Edition of Aquinas' Summa Theologiae, 1964; Aquinas: A Collection of Critical Essays, 1969; Wyclif in His Times, 1986; The History of the Rhodes Trust, 2001. Address: 1A Larkins Lane, Old Headington, Oxford, England.