Keeper of the City

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Keeper of the City ★★½ 1992 (R)

Gossett stars as a tough detective out to get a vigilante (LaPaglia) who is roaming the streets of Chicago. LaPaglia turns in a good performance as the son of a Mafia operative who wants to rid himself of the Mafia ties that have controlled him. As he pursues his deadly course of action, a newspaper journalist tags him “The Gangster Killer.” Coyote plays the crusading journalist who is always interfering in Gossett's business. Good performances and an intriguing storyline combine to make this action-packed thriller worthwhile, although the script isn't as good as Di Pega's novel, which he adapted himself. 95m/C VHS . Louis Gossett Jr., Peter Coyote, Anthony LaPaglia, Renee Soutendijk, Aeryk Egan, Tony Todd; D: Bobby Roth; W: Gerald Di Pego.