Jesse Stone: Night Passage

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Jesse Stone: Night Passage ★★½ Night Passage; Robert B. Parker's Jesse Stone: Night Passage 2006

In this prequel, we see how Jesse Stone (Selleck), a former L.A. homicide detective with a drinking problem and an ex-wife he still loves, gets his last chance by taking on the job of police chief of Paradise. Town councilor Hasty Hardaway (Rubinek) thinks Stone will be easy to push around but he learns differently. Jesse is soon investigating the suspicious death of his recently retired predecessor, which leads to a money laundering scheme and mob ties. Second in the series of TV movies. Based on the book by Robert B. Parker. 89m/C DVD . Tom Selleck, Viola Davis, Koh1 Sudduth, Polly Shannon, Stephen McHattie, Saul Rubinek, Stephanie March, Stephen Baldwin, Mike Starr; D: Robert Harmon; W: Tom Epperson; C: David Gribble; M: Jeff Beal. TV