Jeffares, A(lexander) Norman

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JEFFARES, A(lexander) Norman

JEFFARES, A(lexander) Norman. British (born Ireland), b. 1920. Genres: Literary criticism and history, Biography. Career: Lecturer in classics, University of Dublin, 1943-44; lector in English, University of Groningen, 1946-48; lecturer in English, University of Edinburgh, 1949-51; jury professor of English, University of Adelaide, 1951-56; professor of English, University of Leeds, 1957-74; professor of English studies, University of Stirling, 1974-86. Publications: W.B. Yeats: Man and Poet, 1949; Seven Centuries of Poetry, 1955; Oliver Goldsmith, 1959; Language, Literature and Science, 1959; The Poetry of W.B. Yeats, 1961; Selected Plays of W.B. Yeats, 1964; Selected Prose of W.B. Yeats, 1964; Selected Poetry and Prose of Whitman, 1965; Fair Liberty Was All His Cry, 1967; A Commentary on the Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats, 1969; The Circus Animals, 1970; Farquhar's The Beaux Stratagem, 1972; Farquhar's The Recruiting Officer, 1973; (with A.S. Knowland) A Commentary on the Collected Plays of W.B. Yeats, 1975; Anglo-Irish Literature, 1982; A New Commentary on the Poems of Yeats, 1984; The Poems of Yeats, 1984; Brought Up in Dublin, 1986; Brought Up to Leave, 1986; W.B. Yeats: A New Biography, 1988; Yeats's Poems, 1989; W.B. Yeats: The Love Poems, 1990; W.B. Yeats: A Vision and Related Writings, 1990; Yeats's Poems of Place, 1991; Images of Invention (essays), 1995; Victorian Love Poetry, 1996; A Pocket History of Irish Literature, 1997; Irish Love Poems, 1997; The Irish Literary Movement, 1998; The Secret Rose, 1998; Ireland's Love Poems, 2000; The Poems and Plays of Oliver St. John Gogarty, 2001. EDITOR: (with G.F. Cross) In Excited Reverie, 1965; Restoration Comedy, 1974; Yeats: The Critical Reception, 1977; (with A. Kamm) An Irish Childhood, 1986, rev. ed., 1992; (with A. Kamm) A Jewish Childhood, 1988; (with A.M. White) The Gonne-Yeats Letters, 1893-1938, 1992; Jonathan Swift: The Selected Poems, 1992; (with B. Kennelly) Joycechoyce, 1992; (with K. Donovan and B. Kennelly) Ireland's Women, 1994; (with M. Gray) The Collins Dictionary of Quotations, 1995; (with C. Bridgwater and A. M. White) Letters to W.B. Yeats and Ezra Pound from Iseult Gonne, a Girl That Knew All Dante Once, 2003. Address: Craighead Cottage, Fife Ness, Crail, Scotland.

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Jeffares, A(lexander) Norman

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