Inkpen, Mick

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INKPEN, Mick. British, b. 1952. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Graphic designer, 1970-86. Greeting card designer; TV AM (England), writer for Rub-a-Dub-Tub. Freelance writer and illustrator of children's books, 1986-. Publications: WRITTEN AND ILLUSTRATED WITH N. BUTTER-WORTH: The Nativity Play, 1985; The House on the Rock, 1986; The Precious Pearl, 1986; The Lost Sheep, 1986; The Two Sons, 1986; Nice and Nasty: A Book of Opposites, in the US as Nice or Nasty: A Book of Opposites, 1987; I Wonder at the Zoo, 1987; I Wonder in the Garden, 1987: I Wonder in the Country, 1987; I Wonder at the Farm, 1987, in the US as I Wonder on the Farm, 1994; Who Made…In the Country, 1987; Who Made…On the Farm, 1987; Who Made…At the Zoo, 1987; Who Made…In the Garden, 1987; Sports Day, 1988; The Magpie's Story: Jesus and Bacchaeus, 1988; The Mouse's Story: Jesus and the Storm, 1988; The Cat's Story: Jesus at the Wedding, 1988; The Fox's Story: Jesus Is Born, 1988; The Good Stranger, 1989; Just Like Jasper!, 1989; The Little Gate, 1989; The Rich Farmer, 1989; Ten Silver Coins, 1989; The School Trip, 1990; The Wonderful Earth, 1990; Field Day, 1991; Jasper's Beanstalk, 1992; Opposites, 1997. SELF-ILLUSTRATED: One Bear at Bedtime: A Counting Book, 1987; If I Had a Pig, 1988; If I Had a Sheep, 1988; Jojo's Revenge, 1989; The Blue Balloon, 1989; Gumboot's Chocolatey Day, 1989; Threadbear, 1990; Billy's Beetle, 1991; Penguin Small, 1992; Anything Cuddly Will Do!, 1993; Crocodile!, 1993; The Very Good Dinosaur, 1993; This Troll, That Troll, 1993; Lullabyhullaballoo!, 1993; Nothing, 1995; Don't Do That, 1996; Bear, 1997; Little Spotty Thing, 1997; Say "Aaah"!, 1997; Silly Billies, 1997; Arnold, 1998; Honk, 1998; Sandcastle, 1998; Splosh!, 1998. KIPPER SERIES: Kipper, 1991; Kipper's Toybox, 1992; Kipper's Birthday, 1993; Kipper's Book of Colours, 1994; Kipper's Book of Counting, 1994, in the US as Kipper's Book of Numbers, 1995; Kipper's Book of Opposites, 1994; Kipper's Book of Weather, 1994; Where, Oh Where, Is Kipper's Bear: A Pop-Up Book with Light!, 1994; Kipper's Snowy Day, 1996. WIBBLY PIG SERIES: Wibbly Pig Is Upset, 1995; Wibbly Pig Can Dance!, 1995; Wibbly Pig Can Make a Tent, 1995; Wibbly Pig Likes Bananas, 1995; Wibbly Pig Makes Pictures, 1995; Wibbly Pig Opens His Presents, 1995; Everyone Hide from Wibbly Pig, 1997. Illustrator of books by M. and M. Doney, E. Lawrence and N. Werron. Address: c/o Hodder & Stoughton Ltd., 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH, England.