The Icicle Thief

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The Icicle Thief ★★★ Ladri di Saponette 1989

“The Naked Gun” for the arthouse crowd. As a stark, black-and-white neo-realist tragedy airs on TV, bright color commercials disrupt the narrative. Soon ads invade the the movie itself, and the film's director jumps into his picture to fix the damage. Study up on your postwar Italian cinema and this'll seem hilarious; otherwise the real fun doesn't kick in until the halfway point. In Italian with English subtitles. 93m/C VHS . IT Maurizio Nichetti, Cateria Sylos Labini, Claudio G. Fava, Renato Scarpa, Heidi Komarek; D: Maurizio Nichetti; W: Maurizio Nichetti; C: Mario Battistoni; M: Manuel De Sica.

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The Icicle Thief

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