The Hunting Party

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The Hunting Party ★½ 2007 (R)

What could be funnier than a couple of journalists tromping through postwar Bosnia hunting a war criminal? Simon Hunt (Gere) is a former big-time television re porter, fallen from grace after an on-camera meltdown. Now a freelancer covering tragedies around the globe, he and his journalist buddies improbably find them selves mistaken as a hit squad on the lookout for a brutal war criminal, Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (Kerekes). Based on Scott Anderson's 2000 article in “Esquire” magazine about five journalists who found themselves in just that situa tion, although sans the goofy and madcap tone. Doesn't work as a war comedy, as the story just doesn't translate, particularly with oddly-cast Gere. 104m/C DVD . US Rich ard Gere, Terrence Howard, Jesse Eisenberg, Di ane Kruger, James Brolin, Dylan Baker, Ljubomir Kerekes; D: Richard Shepard; W: Richard She pard; C: David Tattersall; M: Rolfe Kent.