Hyman, Harold M(elvin)

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HYMAN, Harold M(elvin)

HYMAN, Harold M(elvin). American, b. 1924. Genres: History. Career: Emeritus William P. Hobby Professor of History, 1997-, Rice University, Houston, TX, (Chairman of Dept., 1968-70; William P. Hobby Professor of History, 1968-96). Assistant Professor of History, Earlham College, Richmond, IN, 1952-55; Visiting Asst Professor, 1955-56, and Professor of History, 1957-63, University of California, Los Angeles; Associate Professor, Arizona State University, Tempe, 1956-57; Professor, University of Illinois, 1963-68. Member, Board of Eds., Reviews in American History, 1964, Ulysses S. Grant Association, 1968; Member, Permanent Committee of the Oliver Wendell Holmes Trust, 1993-2001. Publications: Era of the Oath, 1954; To Try Men's Souls, 1959; (with B.P. Thomas) Stanton: The Life and Times of Lincoln's Secretary of War, 1962; Soldiers and Spruce, 1963; The Handbook of Politics, 6 vols., 1972-73; A More Perfect Union, 1973; Union and Confidence, 1976; (with W. Wiecek) Equal Justice under Law: Constitutional History, 1833-1880, 1982; Quiet Past and Stormy Present, 1986; American Singularity, 1987; Oleander Odyssey, 1990; The Reconstruction Justice of Salmon P. Chase, 1997; Craftsmanship and Character: A History of Houston's Vinson & Elkins Law Firm, 1917-1990s, 1998. EDITOR: The Radical Republicans and Reconstruction, 1861-1870, 1966; New Frontiers of the American Reconstruction, 1967; (with L.W. Levy) Freedom and Reform: Essays in Honor of Henry Steele Commager, 1967; Carleton Parker: The Casual Laborer and Other Essays, 1972; Heard 'Round the World: The Impact Aboard of the Civil War and Reconstruction, 1968; (with F.B. Hyman) The Circuit Court Opinions of Salmon Portland Chase, 1972; Sidney George Fisher: The Trial of the Constitution, 1972; (with H.L. Trefousse) The Political History of the United States of America during the Great Rebellion, 1860-1865, The Political History of the United States of America during the Period of Reconstruction, April 15, 1867-July 15, 1870. Address: Dept of History - MS 42, Rice University, 6100 S Main St, Houston, TX 77005-1892, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]