Homel, David

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HOMEL, David

HOMEL, David. Canadian/American, b. 1952. Genres: Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Essays, Translations. Career: Novelist. Also freelance journalist, translator, screenwriter, and editor, 1977-. Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, part-time teacher, 1983-. Features and columns on arts and politics in daily papers across Canada; regular contributor to Radio-Canada; radio documentaries for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Publications: NOVELS: Electrical Storms, 1988; Rat Palms, 1992; Sonya & Jack, 1995; Get on Top, 1999; The Speaking Cure, 2003. NONFICTION: Mapping Literature: The Art and Politics of Translation (essays), 1988. Contributor of fiction and nonfiction to periodicals and anthologies. FILM PRODUCTIONS: Salut, Montreal, Bon Appetit!, 1980; Supervising for Results, 1980-81; Great North, 2000. TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS: Visions (documentary series), 1981-83; Realities, 1982-83; Todo Incluiclo, 2003. TRANSLATOR: L. Caron, The Draft Dodger, 1980; S. Martel, The King's Daughter, 1980; M. Corriveau, A Perfect Day for Kites, 1981; G. Bureau, Mona: A Mother's Story, 1981; R. Lalonde, Sweet Madness, 1982; Archambault Prison Theatre Collective, No Big Deal!, 1982; R. Marteau, Mount Royal, 1983; C. Brouillet, Dear Neighbor, 1984; J. Renaud, Broke City, 1984; M. Raboy, Media and Messages, 1984; R. Marteau, Pig-Skinning Day, 1984; R. Ducharme, Ha! Ha!, 1986; C. Couture and J-Y Rousseau, The Life of a Document: A Global Approach to Archives and Records Management, 1987; F. Simard, Talking It Out: The October Crisis from Inside, 1987; R. Marteau, River without End, 1987; D. Laferriere, How to Make Love to a Negro, 1988; R. Marteau, Voyage to Vendee, 1988; R. Simard and M. Vastel, The Nephew: Making of a Mafia Hitman, 1988; M. Begin, Canada's Right to Health, 1988; M. Corriveau, Seasons of the Sea, 1989; D. Sernine, Those Who Watch over the Earth, 1990; D. Cote, The Invisible Empire, 1990; W. Grady and M. Henrie, The Mandarine Syndrome, 1990; D. Laferriere, Eroshima, 1991; P. Bourgault, Now or Never!, 1991; C. Marchand, Vanishing Villages, 1992; D. Laferriere, An Aroma of Coffee, 1993; L. Caron and F. Poche, Montreal: A Scent of the Islands, 1994; D. Laferriere, Dining with the Dictator, 1994; D. Laferriere, Why Must a Black Writer Write about Sex?, 1994; D. Pennac, Better than Life, 1994; D. Laferriere, Down among the Dead Men, 1997; D. Laferriere, A Drifting Year, 1997; Y. Beauchemin, Second Fiddle, 1998; P. Poloni, Olivo Oliva, 1999; (with F. Reed) S. Kokis, Funhouse, 1999; (with F. Reed) M. Desjardins, Fairy Ring, 2000. Contributor of translated material to periodicals and anthologies.