Home Fries

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Home Fries ★★ 1998 (PG-13)

Things go from bad to worse for pregnant fast-food cashier, Sally (Drew Barrymore), as she learns that the father of her child is not only married, but dead! The catch is that the philanderer's stepsons are responsible and believe that Sally may have overheard their dastardly deed on her drive-through headset. Brother Dorian (Luke Wilson) takes a job at the Burger-Matic to find out just what Sally knows, but predictably falls in love with her instead. Tries to be a quirky dark comedy in a sweet love story, but the result is a bad mix of bleak humor and saccarine-sweet puppy love. Barrymore's cute and convincing performance manages to keep the whole thing from spoiling. Unfortunately, first-time director Parisot leaves the audience thinking, “this isn't what I ordered.” 94m/C VHS, DVD . Drew Barrymore, Luke Wilson, Catherine O'Hara, Jake Busey, Shelley Duvall, Kim Robillard, Daryl (Chill) Mitchell, Lanny Flaherty, Chris Ellis, Edward “Blue” Deckert; D: Dean Parisot; W: Vince Gilligan; C: Jerzy Zielinski; M: Rachel Portman.