Hill, Reginald (Charles)

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HILL, Reginald (Charles)

HILL, Reginald (Charles). Also writes as Dick Morland, Patrick Ruell, Charles Underhill. British, b. 1936. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Plays/Screenplays. Career: Teacher/lecturer, 1960-80; full-time writer, 1980-. Publications: A Clubbable Woman, 1970; Fell of Dark, 1971; An Advancement of Learning, 1972; A Fairly Dangerous Thing, 1972; An Affair of Honour (play), 1972; Ruling Passion, 1973; A Very Good Hater, 1974; An April Shroud, 1975; Another Death in Venice, 1976; A Pinch of Snuff, 1978; Pascoe's Ghost (stories), 1979; A Killing Kindness, 1980; The Spy's Wife, 1980; Who Guards a Prince, 1981; Ordinary Levels (radio play), 1982; Traitor's Blood, 1983; Deadheads, 1983; Exit Lines, 1984; No Man's Land, 1985; Child's Play, 1987; The Collaborators, 1987; There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union (stories), 1987; Underworld, 1988; Bones and Silence, 1990; One Small Step (novella), 1990; Recalled to Life, 1992; Blood Sympathy, 1993; Pictures of Perfection, 1994; Asking for the Moon (stories), 1994; Born Guilty, 1995; The Wood Beyond, 1996; Killing the Lawyers, 1997; On Beulah Height, 1998; Singing the Sadness, 1999; Arms and the Women, 2000; Dialogues of the Dead, 2001; Death's Jest-Book, 2002. AS DICK MORLAND: Heart Clock, 1973; Albion! Albion!, 1974. AS PATRICK RUELL: The Castle of the Demon, 1971; Red Christmas, 1972; Death Takes the Low Road, 1974; Urn Burial, 1976; The Long Kill, 1986; Death of a Dormouse, 1987; Dream of Darkness, 1989; The Only Game, 1991. AS CHARLES UNDERHILL: Captain Fantom, 1978; The Forging of Fantom, 1979. Address: c/o A.P. Watt, 20 John St, London WC1N 2DR, England.

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Hill, Reginald (Charles)

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