Higham, Robin

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HIGHAM, Robin. American (born England), b. 1925. Genres: Administration/Management, Air/Space topics, Archaeology/Antiquities, History, Military/Defense/Arms control, Bibliography. Career: Kansas State University, Manhattan, professor of history, 1963-98. Editor emeritus, Military Affairs (ed., 1968-88), and Aerospace Historian (ed., 1970-88); Journal of the West, ed., 1977-; Sunflower University Press, founder and president, 1977-; Greenwood Press, advisory editor, 1993-. Publications: Britain's Imperial Air Routes, 1960; The British Rigid Airship, 1908-1931, 1961; Armed Forces in Peacetime, 1963; The Military Intellectuals, 1966; (with D. Zook) A Short History of Warfare, 1966; Air Power, 1972, 3rd ed., 1988; The Compleat Academic, 1975, rev. ed., 1993; Diary of a Disaster: British Aid to Greece, 1940-1941, 1986; The Bases of Air Strategy, 1998; Research on World War I: A Handbook, 2003; 100 Years of Air Power and Aviation, 2004. EDITOR: Bayonets in the Street, 1969, rev. ed., 1989; Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century, 1972; A Guide to the Sources of British Military History, 1972; Intervention or Abstention, 1975; Guide to the Sources of U.S. Military History, 1975, (with D.J. Mrozek) Supplement I, 1981, Supplement II, 1985, Supplement III, 1993; Supplement IV, 1997; (with A.T. Siddall) Flying Combat Aircraft I, 1978, (with C. Williams) II, 1978, III, 1981, IV, 1998; (with J.W. Kipp) Soviet Aviation and Air Power, 1978; (with J.W. Kipp) The Garland Military History Bibliographies, 1978-92; (with D.J. Mrozek and J.L.A. Newell) The Martin Marauder and the Franklin Allens: A Wartime Love Story, 1980; (with J.T. Greenwood and V. Hardesty) Russian Aviation and Air Power, 1998; A Handbook on Air Ministry Organization, 1998; Writing Official Military History, 1999; Official Military History I & II, 2000; (with F. Kagan) The Military History of Tsarist Russia, 2002; (with F. Kagan) The Military History of the Soviet Union 1917-1991, 2002; (with D.A. Graff) A Military of History of China, 2002; (with S.J. Harris) The Defense of Air Forces, 2004. Address: 2961 Nevada St, Manhattan, KS 66502, U.S.A.