Heidi 1993

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Heidi ★★★ 1993 (G)

Yet another version of the children's classic, from German writer Johanna Spyri's 1881 novel. Thornton is charming as the orphan shuttled from relative to relative until she happily ends up with her crotchety grandfather (Robards) in his mountain cabin. Then her cousin comes along and whisks her off to the city to be a companion to the invalid Klara (Randall). Seymour is the snobbish, scowling governess. This “Heidi” is spunky enough to keep the sugar level tolerable. Filmed on location in Austria. 167m/C VHS, DVD . Noley Thornton, Jason Robards Jr., Jane Seymour, Lexi (Faith) Randall, Sian Phillips, Patricia Neal, Benjamin Brazier, Michael Simkins, Andrew Bicknell, Jane Hazlegrove; D: Michael Rhodes; W: Jeanne Rosenberg; M: Lee Holdridge. TV