Heide, Florence Parry

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HEIDE, Florence Parry

HEIDE, Florence Parry. Also writes as Alex B. Allen, Jamie McDonald. American, b. 1919. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Full-time writer. Formerly worked for RKO and in public relations and advertising, New York; former public relations dir., Pittsburgh Playhouse. Publications: Benjamin Budge and Barnaby Ball, 1967; (with S.W. Van Clief) Maximilian, 1967; (with S.W. Van Clief) The Day It Snowed in Summer, 1968; (with S.W. Van Clief) How Big Am I?, 1968; (with S.W. Van Clief) It Never Is Dark, 1968; (with S.W. Van Clief) Sebastian, 1968; (with S.W. Van Clief) That's What Friends Are For, 1968; (as Jamie McDonald; with A. and W. Theiss) Hannibal, 1968; Maximilian Becomes Famous, 1969; (with S.W. Van Clief) The New Neighbor, 1970; Alphabet Zoop, 1970; Giants Are Very Brave People, 1970; The Little One, 1970; Sound of Sunshine, Sound of Rain, 1970; Look! Look! A Story Book, 1971; The Key, 1971; The Shrinking of Treehorn, 1971; Some Things Are Scary, 1971; Who Needs Me?, 1971; Songs to Sing about Things You Think About (songs), 1971; Christmas Bells and Snowflakes (songs), 1971; Holidays! Holidays! (songs), 1971; My Castle, 1972; (with S.W. Van Clief) The Mystery of the Missing Suitcase, 1972; (with S.W. Van Clief) The Mystery of the Silver Tag, 1972; (as Alex B. Allen; with S.W. Van Clief) Basketball Toss Up, 1972; (as Alex B. Allen; with S.W. Van Clief) No Place for Baseball, 1973; (with S.W. Van Clief) The Hidden Box Mystery, 1973; (with S.W. Van Clief) Mystery at MacAdoo Zoo, 1973; (with R. Heide) Lost! (textbook), 1973; (with R. Heide) I See America Smiling (textbook), 1973; (with S.W. Van Clief) Mystery of the Whispering Voice, 1974; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Melting Snowman, 1974; (with D.F. Parry) No Roads for the Wind (textbook), 1974; (with S.W. Van Clief) Who Can? (reader), 1974; (with S.W. Van Clief) Lost and Found (reader), 1974; (with S.W. Van Clief) Hats and Bears (reader), 1974; (with R. Heide) Tell about Someone You Love (textbook), 1974; (as Alex B. Allen; with S.W. Van Clief) Danger on Broken Arrow Trail, 1974 (as Alex B. Allen; with S.W. Van Clief) Fifth Down, 1974; (as Alex B. Allen; with S.W. Van Clief and D. Heide) The Tennis Menace, 1975; God and Me (non-fiction), 1975; You and Me (non-fiction), 1975; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Vanishing Visitor, 1975; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Bewitched Bookmobile, 1975; When the Sad One Comes to Stay, 1975; Growing Anyway Up, 1976; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Lonely Lantern, 1976; (with R. Heide) Mystery at Keyhole Carnival, 1977; (with R. Heide) Brillstone Break-In, 1977; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Midnight Message, 1977 (with S.W. Van Clief) Fables You Shouldn't Pay Any Attention To, 1978; Banana Twist, 1978; Secret Dreamer, Secret Dreams, 1978; (with R. Heide) Fear at Brillstone, 1978; (with R. Heide) Mystery at Southport Cinema, 1978; (with R. Heide) I Love Every-People, 1978; Changes (non-fiction), 1978; Who Taught Me? Was It You, God? (non-fiction), 1978; By the Time You Count to Ten (non-fiction), 1979; (with R. Heide) Face at the Brillstone Window, 1979; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Mummy's Mask, 1979; (with R. Heide) Body in the Brillstone Garage, 1980; (with R. Heide) Mystery of the Forgotten Island, 1980; (with R. Heide) A Monster Is Coming! A Monster Is Coming!, 1980; (with R. Heide) Black Magic at Brillstone, 1981; Treehorn's Treasure, 1981; Time's Up!, 1982; The Problem with Pulcifer, 1982; The Wendy Puzzle, 1982; (with R. Heide) Time Bomb at Brillstone, 1982; (with R. Heide) Mystery On Danger Road, 1983; Banana Blitz, 1983; Treehorn's Wish, 1984; Time Flies, 1984; Tales for the Perfect Child, 1985; (with J.H. Gilliland) The Day of Ahmed's Secret, 1990; (with J.H. Gilliland) Sami and the Time of the Troubles, 1992; Grim and Ghastly Goings On (songs), 1992; The Bigness Contest, 1993; (with R. Heide Pierce) Timothy Twinge, 1993; (with R. Heide Pierce) Oh, Grow Up, 1996; (with R. Heide Pierce) Tio Armando, 1998; The House of Wisdom, 1998; It's about Time: Poems, 1999; Some Things Are Scary, 2000. Address: c/o Marilyn Marlow, Curtis Brown, 10 Astor Place, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.