Hard to Die

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Hard to Die ★ Tower of Terror 1990

Director Wynorski's comic homage to Carol Frank's “Sorority House Massacre.” Five beauties (former Playboy Playmates Harris, Taylor, Dare, Moore, and Carney) find employment moving boxes in a deserted lingerie factory. The film takes off from there as they uncover a mysterious spirit called the Sorority House Killer in an ancient “Soul Box.” Desperate to extinguish the evil threat, they focus their efforts in an armed struggle involving high-powered weaponry against the building maintenance man, whom they fear is possessed by the spirit. Accompanied by a lovely, touching group shower scene. 77m/ C VHS . Robin Harris, Melissa Moore, Debra (Deborah Dutch) Dare, Lindsay Taylor, Bridget Carney, Forrest J Ackerman, Orville Ketchum; D: Jim Wynorski.