Griffiths, John Gwyn

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GRIFFITHS, John Gwyn. Welsh, b. 1911. Genres: Poetry, Classics, Theology/Religion. Career: Y Fflam, Welsh literary journal, Co-ed., 1941-47; University of Wales, Lecturer, Sr. Lecturer, and Reader, 1946-72, Professor of Classics and Egyptology, 1973-79, now emeritus. University College, Oxford, Lady Wallis Budge Research Lecturer, 1957-58; The Welsh Nation, Ed., 1964-65; University of Cairo, Guest Professor in Classics and Egyptology, 1965-66; Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Ed., 1970-78; All Souls College, Oxford, Visiting Fellow, 1976-77. Publications: The Conflict of Horus and Seth, 1960; Dragon's Nostrils, 1961; Songs of Cairo, 1970; Aristotle's Poetics, 1978; The Origins of Osiris and His Cult, 1980; The Divine Verdict, 1991; Atlantis and Egypt, 1991; Studies in Pharaonic Religion and Society, 1992; Triads and Trinity, 1996. EDITOR: Plutarch's de Iside et Osiride, 1970; The Isis-Book of Apuleius, 1975. Address: 3 Long Oaks Ave, Abertawe-Swansea, Wales.

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Griffiths, John Gwyn

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