Griffin, P(auline) M.

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GRIFFIN, P(auline) M.

GRIFFIN, P(auline) M. American, b. 1947. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Sweet's, McGraw-Hill, NYC, manager, directory services, 1966-; writer. Publications: Star Commandos, 1986; Star Commandos: Colony in Peril, 1987; Star Commandos: Mission Underground, 1988; Star Commandos: Death Planet, 1989; Star Commandos: Mind Slaver, 1990; Star Commandos: Return to War, 1990; Star Commandos: Fire Planet, 1990; Star Commandos: Jungle Assault, 1991; Star Commandos: Call to Arms, 1991; (with A. Norton) Storms of Victory, 1991; (with A. Norton and M.H. Schaub) Flight of Vengeance, 1992 (with A. Norton) Redline the Stars, 1993; (with A. Norton) Firehand, 1994; Watchdogs of Space, 2001. Address: 111 Prospect Park SW Apt 6, Brooklyn, NY 11218-1218, U.S.A.

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Griffin, P(auline) M.

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