Griffin, Keith B(roadwell)

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GRIFFIN, Keith B(roadwell)

GRIFFIN, Keith B(roadwell). British (born Panama), b. 1938. Genres: Economics, Third World. Career: Magdalen College, Oxford, president, 1979-88; University of California at Riverside, Economics Dept., professor, 1988-. Publications: Underdevelopment in Spanish America, 1969; (with J. Enos) Planning Development, 1970; The Political Economy of Agrarian Change, 1974; Land Concentration and Rural Poverty, 1976; International Inequality and National Poverty, 1978; (with J. James) The Transition to Egalitarian Development, 1981; (with A. Saith) Growth and Equality in Rural China, 1981; World Hunger and the World Economy, 1987; Alternative Strategies for Economic Development, 1989; (with T. McKinley) Implementing a Human Development Strategy, 1994; Studies in Globalization and Economic Transitions, 1996; Studies in Development Strategy and Systemic Transformation, 2000. EDITOR: Financing Development in Latin America, 1971; (with A.R. Khan) Growth and Inequality in Pakistan, 1972; Institutional Reform and Economic Development in the Chinese Countryside, 1984; (with J. Knight) Human Development and the International Development Strategy for the 1990s, 1990; The Economy of Ethiopia, 1992; (with A.R. Khan) Globalisation and the Developing World, 1992; (with Z. Renwei) The Distribution of Income in China, 1993; Poverty and the Transition to a Market Economy in Mongolia, 1995; Social Policy and Economic Transformation in Uzbekistan, 1996; Economic Reform in Vietnam, 1998; A Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Mongolia, 2002. Address: Dept. of Economics, University of California, Riverside, CA 92502, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Griffin, Keith B(roadwell)

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