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Greenfingers ★★½ 2000 (R)

One of those strange-but-true stories that barely stays ahead of being twee, thanks to its cast. Surly prisoner Colin Briggs (Owen) has just been transferred to Edgefield, an “open” prison that aims at building job skills. When Colin accidentally turns out to be a prime gardener (with greenfingers in British parlance), warden Hodge (Clarke) assigns him to garden detail along with his twinkly, dying, elderly cellmate Fergus (Kelly). Then the prison garden comes to the attention of TV star gardener Georgina Woodhouse (Mirren) and she sponsors their efforts in a very prestigious flower show. Remember the Brits take their gardening very seriously indeed. 90m/C VHS, DVD . GB US Clive Owen, Helen Mirren, David Kelly, Warren Clarke, Danny Dyer, Paterson Joseph, Natasha Little, Adam Fogerty; D: Joel Hershman; W: Joel Hershman; C: John Daly; M: Guy Dagul.