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GOODY, John R(ankine)

GOODY, John R(ankine). British, b. 1919. Genres: Anthropology/Ethnology, History, Social sciences. Career: Fellow, St. John's College, Cambridge, 1960- (Assistant Lecturer, 1954-59, Lecturer, 1959-71, Director of the African Studies Centre, 1966-73, Smuts Reader in Commonwealth Studies, 1972, and William Wyse Professor of Social Anthropology, 1973-84, Cambridge University). Publications: The Social Organisation of the LoWiili, 1956; Death, Property, and the Ancestors, 1962; (with J.A. Braimah) Salaga: The Struggle for Power, 1967; Comparative Studies in Kinship, 1969; Technology, Tradition, and the State in Africa, 1971; The Myth of the Bagre, 1972; (with S.J. Tambiah) Bridewealth and Dowry, 1973; Production and Reproduction, 1977; The Domestication of the Savage Mind, 1977; (with J.W.D.K. Gandah) Une Recitation du Bagre, 1981; Cooking, Cuisine, and Class, 1982; The Development of the Family and Marriage in Europe, 1983; The Logic of Writing and the Organization of Society, 1986; The Interface between the Oral and the Written, 1987; The Oriental, the Ancient and the Primitive, 1989; The Culture of Flowers, 1993; The East in the West, 1996; The Expansive Moment, 1996; Jack Goody: L'Homme, l'ecriture et la mort, 1996; Representations and Contradictions, 1997; Food and Love, 1998; The European Family, 2000; The Power of the Written Word, 2000; A Myth Revisited, 2003; Ideas in Europe, 2003. EDITOR: The Developmental Cycle in Domestic Groups, 1958; Succession to High Office, 1966; Literacy in Traditional Societies, 1968; The Character of Kinship, 1973; Changing Social Structure in Ghana, 1975. Address: St. John's College, Cambridge CB2 1TP, England.

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Goody, John R(ankine)

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