Go for Zucker

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Go for Zucker ★★ Alles Auf Zucker! 2005

Two estranged Jewish brothers, one living in eastern Germany, the other in the west, must clean up their act in order to receive the inheritance their recentlydeceased mother left behind. As stated in the will, they must reconcile their differences and, more importantly, adhere to strict Jewish Orthodox conventions. Contrived storyline and loads of Jewish stereotypes drag this one into sitcom territo ry. A hit in Germany, but something is lost in translation for sure. 90m/C DVD . Henry Hubchen, Hannelore Elsner, Udo Samel, Sebastian Blomberg, Rolf Hoppe, Golda Tencer, Steffen Groth, Anja Franke, Elena Uhlig; D: Dani Levy; W: Dani Levy, Holgar Franke; C: Carl F. Koschnick; M: Niki Reiser.