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Go Now ★★★½ 1996

Regular guy Nick (Carlyle), a soccerplaying construc tion worker meets and falls in love with hotel management trainee Karen (Aubrey). All is going well until Nick starts ex periencing physical problems—dropping things, double vision, numbness. As his condition worsens, it's confirmed that he's been stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. Nick goes through the usual stages of dealing with the disease, but Winterbottom's film doesn't go through the usual diseaseofthe-week motions. Straightforward look at the effects of a debilitating disease doesn't create martyrs or heroes, opting instead for realistic characters and honest emotions and situations. First-rate performance by Carlyle. 87m/C VHS . GB Robert Carlyle, Juliet Aubrey, James Nesbitt, Sophie Okonedo, Berwick Kaler, Tom Watson; D: Michael Winterbottom; W: Jimmy McGovern, Paul Powell; C: Daf Hobson; M: Alastair Gavin.