Generale Della Rovere

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Generale Della Rovere ★★★½ Il Generale Della-Rovere 1960

A WWII black marketeer is forced by the Nazis to go undercover in a local prison. To find out who the resistance leaders are, he poses as a general. But when prisoners begin to look to him for guidance, he finds the line between his assumed role and real identity diminished, leading to a tragic conclusion. Acclaimed film featuring a bravura lead performance by veteran director De Sica. In Italian with English subtitles. 139m/B VHS . IT Vittorio De Sica, Otto Messmer, Sandra Milo; D: Roberto Rossellini; W: Roberto Rossellini, Sergio Amidei, Diego Fabbri, Indro Montanelli; C: Carlo Carlini; M: Renzo Rossellini.

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Generale Della Rovere

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