The Gay Deceivers

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The Gay Deceivers ★★ 1969 (R)

Unmistakably grounded in the ‘60s, the performances of this comedy are still fresh, but the script is a little stale. Danny (Coughlin) and Elliot (Casey) are two straight guys who avoid the draft by posing as a loving couple. When an army Colonel appears to be investigating the duo, they move into a gay apartment complex to carry on their scam. Naturally, hilarity ensues. The jokes are stereotypebased and show no true skill from the writer or director. Unfortunately, the film is credited with ruining the careers of its leads. 97m/C DVD . Kevin Coughlin, Lawrence Casey, Brooke Bundy; D: Bruce Kessler; W: Gil Lasky, Jerome Wish; C: Richard C. Glouner; M: Stu Phillips.

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The Gay Deceivers

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