Gardam, Jane

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GARDAM, Jane. British, b. 1928. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Children's fiction, Adult non-fiction. Career: Faculty Librarian, Red Cross Hospital Libraries, 1950-51; Sub-Ed., Weldons Ladies Journal, London, 1952-53; Asst. Literary Ed., Time and Tide, London, 1953-55. Publications: A Few Fair Days, 1971; A Long Way from Verona, 1971; The Summer after the Funeral, 1973; Black Faces, White Faces, 1975; Bilgewater, 1977; God on the Rocks, 1978; The Sidmouth Letters (short stories), 1980; Bridget and William, 1981; The Hollow Land, 1981; Horse, 1982; The Pangs of Love and Other Stories, 1983; Kit, 1983; Crusoe's Daughter, 1985; Kit in Boots, 1986; Swan, 1987; Through the Doll's House Door 1987; Showing the Flag, 1989; The Queen of the Tambourine, 1991; The Iron Coast (non-fiction), 1994; Going into a Dark House (short stories), 1994; Faith Fox, 1996; Missing the Midnight (short stories), 1998; The Green Man, 1999; The Flight of the Maidens, 2000; Old Filth, 2004.

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Gardam, Jane

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