Fuller, Jean (Violet) Overton

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FULLER, Jean (Violet) Overton

FULLER, Jean (Violet) Overton. British, b. 1915. Genres: Poetry, History, Biography, Translations. Career: Founding Director, Fuller d' Arch Smith Ltd., London, rare book sellers and publrs., 1969-. Publications: Madeleine, 1952, rev. ed. as Noor-un-Nisa Inayat Khan, 1971; The Starr Affair (in U.S. as No. 13 Bob), 1954; Double Webs, 1958; Horoscope for a Double Agent, 1960; Venus Protected, 1964; The Magical Dilemma of Victor Neuburg, 1965; Carthage and the Midnight Sun, 1966; Shelley: A Biography, 1968; Swinburne: A Biography, 1968; African Violets, 1968; Darun and Pitar, 1970; Tintagel, 1970; Conversations with a Captor, 1973; The German Penetration of SOE, 1975; Sir Francis Bacon, 1981; Blavastsky and Her Teachers, 1988; Dericourt, The Chequered Spy, 1989; The Comte de Saint-Germain, 1989; Sickert and the Ripper Crimes, 1990; Cats and Other Immortals, 1992; Joan Grant, Winged Pharaoh, 1992; The Bombed Years, 1995; Cyril Scott and a Hidden School, 1998; Krishnamurti: Der Geist Weht wo er will, 2000; Limehawk, Wevil and Frog, 2000; Of Time, Size and Space in Infinity, 2001; Espionage as a Fine Art, 2002; Two Poems Conceived in the Garden, 2002; Krishnamurti and the Wind, 2003. TRANSLATIONS: Shiva's Dance, 1979; That the Gods May Remember, 1982; The Secret Garden, 1994. Address: 6 Church Lane, Wymington, Rushden, Northhants. NN10 9LW, England.

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Fuller, Jean (Violet) Overton

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