Friends & Crocodiles

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Friends & Crocodiles ★★ 2005

Flashy real estate mogul Paul Reynolds (Lewis) is living a hedonistic lifestyle in 1980s London. He hires practical Lizzie Thomas (May) as his secretary but she's disturbed by his reckless, sometimes criminal, behavior and soon quits. Over a 20-year period, Paul's fortunes unravel while life is kinder to Lizzie, and the two maintain a sometimes strained friendship. 105m/C DVD . GB Damian Lewis, Jodhi May, Robert Lindsay, Patrick Malahide, Eddie Marsan, Allan Corduner, Chris Larkin; D: Stephen Poliakoff; W: Stephen Poliakoff; C: Barry Ackroyd; M: Adrian Johnston. TV

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Friends & Crocodiles

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