Friday Night

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Friday Night ★★ Vendredi Soir 2002

Laure (Lemercier) is packing up her Paris apartment one wintery evening prior to moving in with her lover. She's a little uncertain about the upcoming changes as she heads out to dinner with friends. There's a public transport strike and a massive traffic jam, so Laure takes to watching the stranded commuters, one of whom is burly and calm Jean (Lindon). It's bitterly cold and Laure decides to offer Jean a ride. Laure also decides to cancel her plans and make new ones (the one-night stand kind) with Jean. Based on the novel by Emmanuele Bernheim. French with subtitles. 90m/C DVD . FR Valerie Lemercier, Vincent Lindon; D: Claire Denis; W: Claire Denis, Emmanuele Bernheim; C: Agnes Godard; M: Dickon Hinchliffe.