Francis in the Haunted House

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Francis in the Haunted House ★½ 1956

The sixth and last entry in the series finds star Donald O'Connor, director Arthur Lubin, and even Chill Wills (the voice of Francis) all abandoning the sinking series. So, its left to Rooney (as hapless David Prescott) to get himself into trouble (trapped in a haunted house with thieves) and for Francis to get him out. Hohum. 80m/B VHS . Mickey Rooney, Virginia Welles, James Flavin, Paul Cavanagh, David Janssen, Richard Deacon; D: Charles Lamont; W: Herbert Margolis, William Raynor; C: George Robinson; M: Joseph Gershenson; V: Paul Frees.

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Francis in the Haunted House

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