Foster, Alan Dean

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FOSTER, Alan Dean

FOSTER, Alan Dean. American, b. 1946. Genres: Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Headlines Ink Agency, Studio City, California, head copywriter, 1970-71; University of California at Los Angeles, instructor of English and film, intermittently, 1971-; Los Angeles City College, instructor of English and film, 1972-76. Publications: FANTASY: Luana (novelization of screenplay), 1974; Clash of the Titans (novelization of screenplay), 1981; Spellsinger at the Gate (Spellsinger and The Hour at the Gate), 1983; Krull (novelization of screenplay), 1983; The Day of the Dissonance, 1984; The Moment of the Magician, 1984; Shadowkeep, 1984; Pale Rider (novelization of screenplay), 1985; The Paths of the Perambulator, 1985; The Time of the Transference, 1986; Son of Spellsinger, 1993; Chorus Skating, 1994. OTHER: The Tar-Aiym Krang, 1972; Bloodhype, 1973; Icerigger, 1974; Dark Star (novelization of screenplay), 1974; Star Trek Log One-Ten (novelization of TV scripts), 10 vols, 1974-78; Mid-world, 1975; (as George Lucas) Star Wars (novelization of screenplay), 1976; Orphan Star, 1977; The End of the Matter, 1977; Splinter of the Mind's Eye, 1978; Mission to Moulokin, 1979; Alien (novelization of screenplay), 1979; The Black Hole (novelization of screenplay), 1979; Cachalot, 1980; Outland (novelization of screenplay), 1981; The Thing (novelization of screenplay), 1982; Nor Crystal Tears, 1982; For Love of Mother-Not, 1983; The Man Who Used the Universe, 1983; The I Inside, 1984; The Last Starfighter (novelization of screenplay), 1984; Slipt, 1984; Starman (novelization of screenplay), 1984; Voyage to the City of the Dead, 1984; Sentenced to Prism, 1985; Aliens (novelization of screenplay), 1986; Into the Out Of, 1986; The Deluge Drivers, 1987; Glory Lane, 1987; Flinx in Flux, 1988; Alien Nation (novelization of screenplay), 1988; To the Vanishing Point, 1988; Maori, 1988; Quozl, 1989; Cyber Way, 1990; A Call to Arms, 1991; Cat-a-lyst, 1991; Alien 3 (novelization of screenplay), 1992; Codgerspace, 1992; The False Mirror, 1992; The Spoils of War, 1993; Greenthieves, 1994; Ascending Whine, 1995; (with E.F. Russell) Design for Great Day, 1995. SHORT STORIES: With Friends Like These…, 1977; The Horror on the Beach, 1978; …Who Needs Enemies, 1984; The Metrognome and Other Stories, 1990. EDITOR: The Best of Eric Frank Russell, 1978; Animated Features and Silly Symphonies, 1980; (with M.H. Greenberg) Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves, 1991; (with Greenberg) Betcha Can't Read Just One, 1993. Address: c/o Thranx Inc, PO Box 12757, Prescott, AZ 86304, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]