The Forsaken

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The Forsaken ★ 2001 (R)

Vampire films need a little smarts to go with their gore but this film has only the latter. It was apparently gutted by the studio prior to release so maybe there was a story at some point. Sean (Smith) is driving from L.A. to Miami when he picks up hitchhiker Nick (Fehr) and the disoriented Megan (Miko). Both turn out to be infected by a blood disease thanks to a vampire's bite. They have to kill the sire if they don't want to become bloodsuckers themselves and then Megan bites Sean, so now it's personal. The vamp in question is suave Kit (Schaech), who has the usual band of trashy minions. The whole movie is trashy but not in a fun way. 90m/C VHS, DVD . US Kerr Smith, Izabella Miko, Johnathon Schaech, Brendan Fehr, Simon Rex, Carrie Snodgress, Phina Oruche; D: J.S. Cardone; W: J.S. Cardone; C: Steven Bernstein; M: Johnny Lee Schell, Timothy S. (Tim) Jones.

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The Forsaken

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