Forbidden Planet

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Forbidden Planet ★★★½ 1956

In A.D. 2200, a space cruiser visits the planet Altair-4 to uncover the fate of a previous mission of space colonists. They are greeted by Robby the Robot and discover the only survivors of the Earth colony which has been preyed upon by a terrible space monster. A classic science-fiction version of the Shakespearean classic “The Tempest.” 98m/C VHS, DVD, HD DVD . Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly, Richard Anderson, Earl Holliman, George D. Wallace, Robert Dix, Frankie Darro; D: Fred M. Wilcox; W: Cyril Hume; C: George J. Folsey; M: Bebe Barron, Louis Barron; V: Marvin Miller; Nar: Les Tremayne.