Foot, Michael Richard Daniell

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FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell

FOOT, Michael Richard Daniell. British, b. 1919. Genres: Art/Art history, History, International relations/Current affairs, Biography. Career: Manchester University, professor of modern history, 1967-73. Publications: (with J.L. Hammond) Gladstone and Liberalism, 1952; British Foreign Policy since 1898, 1956; Men in Uniform, 1961; SOE in France, 1966; (with H.C.G. Matthew) vols. III & IV: 1840-1855, 1975; Resistance, 1976; Six Faces of Courage, 1978; (with J.M. Langley) MI9, 1979; SOE: An Outline History, 1984; Art and War, 1990; SOE in the Low Countries, 2001. EDITOR: Gladstone Diaries, vols. I & II: 1825-1839, 1968; War and Society, 1973; Holland at War against Hitler, 1990; (with I.C.B. Dear) Oxford Companion to the Second World War, in U.S. as Oxford Companion to World War II, 1995. Address: Martins Cottage, Nuthampstead, Royston, Herts. SG8 8ND, England.