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Floating ★★ 1997

Van (Reedus) is a moody 20-year-old ex-high school swimming champ who's basically treading water. He looks after his drunken paraplegic father (Lyman) in their run-down cottage and drifts into home burglaries with two equally loser friends. It's Van's idea to stash their ill-gotten gains in the basement of his former family home—of course the empty dwelling immediately gets a new owner—and Van winds up befriending the family's son, Doug (Lowe), who's not only a swimming champ but has Dad problems as well. This male bonding leads to some (predictable) attitude changes but the sincerity of the cast goes a long way in overcoming the cliches. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Norman Reedus, Chad Lowe, Will Lyman, Jonathan Quint, Josh Marchette, Sybil Temchen; D: William Roth; W: William Roth; C: Wolfgang Held; M: David Mansfield.