First, Last and Deposit

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First, Last and Deposit ★★½ 2000

Christine and her daughter 13yearold Tessa end up living in their car when Christine is unable to cover the rent on her cashier's salary after her boyfriend moves them to Santa Barbara, loses his job, and splits. Tessa tries to get along with her new classmates by lying about her home life as the bonds between mother and daughter begin to strain under the pressure of their situation. Firsttime director Hyoguchi's use of digital video helps convey the desparation and immediacy of the family's plight, as well as giving a sense of gritty realism. Mostly inexperienced cast does a fine job. 92m/C VHS, DVD . Sara Wilcox, Jessica White, Don Margolin, Alanna Learned, Robin Alcorn, Katie Hatcher, Jason Hallows; D: Peter Hyoguchi; W: Peter Hyoguchi, Duffy Hecht.